Crazy golf course: The final stages.


The grass and flowers from Bangkok arrived on time at 7.30am on Wednesday 4th August. We have had eight people constructing the course and brought in another eight to lay the grass and plant the flowers.

After a full day of hard work by all we had laid nearly all the grass, fantastic job. The rain kept off and it was looking good.  That night it rained steadily and was most welcome in order to water what we had laid.

Thursday, out of the eight extra starters yesterday only three made it, obviously they couldn’t keep up with the demanding work. Never mind, onward and upward.

The remaining grass was laid and all 3,000 flowers planted. In two days 2 rai of grass and 3,000 plants planted, I could not have asked for more.

Friday. Some tidying up to do and the paths between the holes are laid. A bamboo shaded area was created at the start of the course and a few flower pots placed around.

Saturday. The flags, holes, markers are all in place today and the whole area just needs rolling with a roller to flatten the grass, roll out any bumps and lumps and help the grass to establish itself.

From start to finish in under two months is a fantastic achievement by all.

The course needs to settle for a while, then will need cutting and ensuring the golf ball runs smoothly with no bumps. That done we are ready to play.

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  1. GazTechBod says:

    I stayed at Baan Pak Sabai last weekend (and was fortunate enough to get one of the poolside rooms – unfortunately the weather was a little too monsoon-season for swimming before breakfast).

    The new mini-golf course looks good. It also looks a challenge to both experienced and novice golfers alike, especially anyone who has problems with their short game. The grass appears to be bedding in nicely and may soon be ready for its first cut, though it’ll take two or three before it’s ready for playing. It should be in perfect condition just in time for Loy Kratong and the end of the rainy season.

    I’m looking forward to a few rounds on the course during the cool (winter season) when it’ll be a most pleasant morning or afternoon activity – that’s if there’s any space for me to stay … I’m getting a little old for roughing it in a tent – LOL.

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